Edel Bordón

Edel  Bordón
Experimental in technique, Bordón's work evokes an exercise of visual intelligence. He posits a reflective mood and discreet humor. His work intimates the complexity of the modern Cuban worldview with its disparate influences of the Caribbean soul, Western culture and Christianity, the Oriental imprint, as well as Spanish and African ancestry. Click below for complete bio.
Featured Piece
Edel  Bordón Ritual de iniciacin

Ritual de iniciación
- Needle drawing, oil on posterboard 2017
19.75 x 13.75 in

Edel  Bordón Poseidón in el mar (Poseidon in the sea)
Poseidón en el Mar
Poseidon at Sea
Needle drawing, oil on posterboard   2012
8 x 10 in
Edel  Bordón Sueno de medio dia
Sueno de Medio Dia
Midday's Dream
Acrylic & metallic pen on paper   2010
24.500 x 18.500 x 0 in
Edel  Bordón Untitled
Energy Figure
Acrylic & watercolor on paper   2010
19.5 x 14. in
Edel  Bordón Untitled (Figures on Stripes)
Figures on Stripes
Oil on canvas   2014
8 x 10 in
Edel  Bordón La polemica (The controversy) from the series_ Ambrosia
La Polemica
The Controversy
Needle drawing, oil on posterboard   2010
15.5 x 19 in
Edel  Bordón faces_squares
Untitled (Libélulas en el Mar)
Untitled (Dragonflies at Sea)
Needle drawing, oil on posterboard   2008
35 x 39 in