Orestes Gaulhiac

Orestes  Gaulhiac
An internationally acclaimed painter and ceramist, Orestes Gaulhiac is recognized for his diversity in style and technique. Influenced by his modest roots growing up in the surrounding countryside of Santiago de Cuba, Gaulhiac's works reflect an appreciation for the simple, natural elements of life as well as various "states of spirit" he believes we all experience. Gaulhiac delves into the complexities of modern-day life by bestowing human qualities on fish, birds and animals. Folklore comes alive in recognizable, yet redefined renderings of rural scenes populated with animals, plants, fruit, dolls and circus acts. His playful universe celebrates the grandeur of animals and nature altogether. In addition, Gaulhiac's borderless universe incorporates kings, queens, deities, virgins, mythological heroes, and clowns. His presentation of intertwined and overlapping figures takes his characters outside of class. Gaulhiac explores slanted, improbable relationships between rulers

Orestes  Gaulhiac El beso del sentauro alado The kiss of a winged centaur
El beso del sentauro alado
(The kiss of a winged centaur)
40 x 60 in
Orestes  Gaulhiac El canto del sinsonte
El canto del sinsonte
The song of the mockingbird
Acrylic on canvas   2018
39 x 39 in
Orestes  Gaulhiac Lo bello esta en tu corazn The beauty is within your heart
Lo bello esta en tu corazón
(The beauty is within your heart)
Acrylic on canvas   2017
40 x 30 in
Orestes  Gaulhiac Un Turista en la Habana A Tourist in Havana
Un Turista en la Habana
(A Tourist in Havana)
Acrylic on canvas   2017
24 x 20 in
Orestes  Gaulhiac Amiga tomando el sol Friend taking in the sun diptych
Amiga tomando el sol, diptych
(Friend taking in the sun)
Acrylic on canvas   2017
20 x 32 in
Orestes  Gaulhiac 9 of 9747     Print all In new window Tengo un sol la luna y una paloma I have a sun the moon an
Tengo un sol, la luna y una paloma
(I have a sun, the moon and a dove)
20 x 32 in