Reinaldo Campillo

Reinaldo  Campillo

About the Artists:

Campillo's blend of simple geometric shapes and unique eye for perspective captures a distilled imagery of architecture in Havana. The juxtaposition of human figures against an urban backdrop are at once soulful and haunting.


Reinaldo Campillo had lived in Havana, Cuba since his birth in 1968. Though Campillo left Cuba in 2015, Havana has remained the focal point of his painting and photography. Campillo uses the repetition of geometric shapes to convey his perspective of the distilled imagery of the decaying, yet beautiful urban landscape of Havana. Slabs of gold, black, and brown levitate from the canvas, conversant with one another. The sun-drenched paintings speak of sobriety, nostalgia, and enigma.

Campillo’s work is held in private collections in Europe, Asia, North America and South America.

1991 Member of the Saiz Brothers Association (recognizing cultural literary and artistic talent)

1999 Member of the Cuban Association of Social Comminicators

2003 Member of the National Council of Fine Arts.

Associated Exhibitions

100+ Pieces Under $1000
A special exhibition of small works on canvas and paper by the gallery's core artist under $1000.
February 6 - February 20, 2015
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De las Calles (Of the Streets)
Reinaldo Campillo & Aneet R. Fontes
August 2 - September 1, 2013
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