Carlos Caceres Valladeres

Carlos  Caceres Valladeres


Carlos Caceres Valladeres first began experimenting with painting and drawing during his childhood in elementary school.  For decades, his work has been inspired by Santería and its deities, the Orishas, as well as the customs carried on by the Guajiros, the people of the Cuban countryside.

Carlos has become known throughout Cuba for his technique of applying acrylic paint with used toothpaste tubes. His technique creates a specific vibrant and pointillist style quite distinctive from other artists. Known for his use of bright colors and intricate details, his intent is to convey the joy that radiates from the people he paints and Cuba’s cultural heritage.

Associated Exhibitions

Armonía y Naturaleza (Harmony & Nature)
Sandra Dooley + Ramon "Kiki" Borrell + Carlos Caceres Valladeres
May 27 - June 8, 2017
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