Harold López Muñoz

Harold  López Muñoz
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I approach relationships by way of stories that do not describe precise action. In my paintings the primary fact looks always about to occur or may have occurred already, in an apparent “nothing ever happens” that seeks to create an atmosphere of constant uncertainty, transmitting states of mind rather than easily identifiable events, ignoring the superfluous details and descriptions of detailed environments so that the viewers complete, from their own experience, the interpretation of the scenes that I propose.

I search a visual impact in my work, since the current spectator devotes very little time to the consumption of still images, by the dynamics of an increasingly audiovisual world. I believe in the first glance of the painting, which catches attention quickly and then leads to a reflection.

I work with an aesthetic close to advertising images, since I believe that we are in an era eminently defined by media, where ideas and symbols of all kinds are recycled and converted into merchandise. I try to redesign this reality capturing conflicts of the contemporary being and return to another dimension that can provide different levels of reading, avoiding “folklorisms” or mannerisms derived from my condition as a Cuban man, my personal idiosyncrasies, because I firmly believe that the existential conflicts of human beings are universal, non-endemic, not defined by geography or ideology

Harold López

Associated Exhibitions

Color, line + figure
Darwin Estacio Martinez + Dairan Fernandez de la Fuente + Harold Lopez Muñoz
June 7 - June 20, 2019
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Stand By
Dairan Fernandez de la Fuente + Harold Lopez Muñoz
August 10 - August 23, 2018
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