Como Pez en el Agua (Like a Fish in Water)

Luis Rodríguez NOA

July 14 - August 3, 2017

Boston Exhibition: June 2- 25, 2017

Provincetown Exhibition: July 14- August 3, 2017 

MEET the artist!
Artist Talk:  July 16, 1pm


NOA's playful works portray the humor, passion and occasional absurdity found on the bustling streets of Havana. From nearby fishermen to over-packed cars and rooftop dinners, NOA manages to capture the charm of these frenetic scenes. Through his masterful use of acrylic and ink, his comic characters dance in and out of floating shapes, creating works filled with wit, humor, pleasure and mystery.In his own words:

In his own words:

Heard outside my windows are the sounds of a densely populated Central Havana neighborhood. People, cars, bikes, voices and music all blend into one constant buzz that echoes throughout the studio. Stepping onto my balcony and above its rustic balusters, I can see from one end of the bustling street to the Malecon.  The neighbors on all sides, and even strangers on the streets, are the inhabitants of my work.  My inspiration is everyday reality--the subtle and magical transitions, and even the seemingly unreal and absurd.   
 - Luis Rodríguez NOA