The Ties that Bind

Aristides "Ares" Hernandez Guerrero

July 7 - July 30, 2017

The ties that bind
Boston: July 7 - 30, 2017
Galeria Cubana is pleased to present the work of five new artists to the gallery in the group exhibition The Ties that Bind.
This exhibition highlights the work of the award winning political cartoonist Aristides "Ares" Hernandez Guerrero. 
Ares has won more than one hundred  international awards. His works are published in over 60 books, as well as featured on television and in cartoons throughout the world. In 2002, Ares received the National Cultural Distinction, awarded by the Cuban Ministry of Culture.

Included in the exhibition are 19 original political illustrations by Ares addressing global issues of power, consumerism and militarization. Also exhibited are his iconic posters celebrating the historical events that took place in Cuba last year. Paramount among them are President Obama's visit to the island, as well as the Rolling Stones' concert in Havana that same week.
Also featured are works by artists of Cienfuegos, Cuba including Luis Copperi and the elusive graffiti artist Tooth Fairy. Rounding out the exhibition, Camilo Villalvilla and Alain Moreira contribute their small-scale, but powerful collage works.