Y Sin Embargo, Te quiero (And yet, I still love you)

Aneet R. Fontes

May 24 - June 15, 2014

Aneet R. Fontes Clear Waters
Y sin embargo, te quiero (And yet, I still love you)

Provincetown: May 24- June 15, 2014                                Boston Exhibition: March 21- April 27, 2014


Meet the artist!
Originally from Havana, Cuba, painter and printmaker Aneet Fontes has spent the past two years in Miami, Florida.  Nevertheless, the urban landscape of Old Havana remains her artistic inspiration.   

And yet, I still love you is a personal exhibition comprised of a series of photographic paintings in which emotion and memory play a leading role. Fascinated with Havana's Spanish colonial architecture, Fontes uses the lens of her memory in capturing the doorways, windows, lights and pathways of the bustling city streets.

Fontes explores the duality of the city.  She depicts the world visible to the eye, as well as the parallel more complex world that exists simultaneously, portrayed in reflections captured in glass and in water in her paintings.  She discovers a new composition in the blurred imagery of such reflections. For her, there is a special beauty of Havana not evident to everyone, but that nonetheless exists. Fontes still has a love for her native city despite its demands and state of disrepair.

Born November 10, 1983, Aneet Fontes is 30 years old.  Trained in both painting and printmaking, she is a graduate of the San Alejandro School of Art in Havana, Cuba.   
She was the recipient of the highest award in the 2007 National Conference of Engraving.

Exhibition through April 27, 2014