Color, line + figure

Darwin Estacio Martinez + Dairan Fernandez de la Fuente + Harold Lopez Muñoz

June 7 - June 20, 2019

Color_ line _ figure
Galeria Cubana is pleased to introduce the exhibition
Color, line+ figure featuring works by three artists living and working in Havana.
Dairan Fernandez de la Fuente is both a painter and printmaker whose family history has long been an inspiration.The richness in the texture and color of his works is achieved through his woodcut process, as well as his own interpretation of Art Deco motifs and themes. His works address separation, memory, and distance as a way to pay tribute to his family, friends, and the ongoing flux in his homeland. 
Darwin Estacio Martinez is a painter whose style is unique in its snapshot quality. He invites the viewer to interpret the action in the scene by focusing on a fragmented shot, highlighted by his bold use of color and his distinctive lines. One is left to wonder what is being said between his mysterious subjects. As a result, his works are imbued with multiple, subjective meanings. Darwin serves as professor at the National Academy of Fine Arts in San Alejandro, Cuba.
Harold Lopez Muñoz captures scenes in which the action appears to have already happened or is about to happen. These self described expressionistic elements allow the viewer to bring one's own perspective and experience into the dialogue between artist and viewer. The artist began drawing at a young age, gathering inspiration from films, directors, and other painters. 
Altogether, these artists create works that speak distinctly to their experience and their roots in Havana. Their interest is largely in the relationship between the viewer and the work. This trio explores themes of memory and time, lending commentary on a place where things often stands still in an otherwise changing world.