Contra la pared (Against the wall)

Edel Bordon + Guillermo Estrada Viera + Yasser Garcia Rittoles + Rudy Rubio

August 2 - August 15, 2019

OPENING RECEPTION: August 2nd, 6-9pm
MEET EDEL BORDON August 2nd, 6-9pm

Contra la pared
Galeria Cubana is pleased to introduce the exhibition Contra la pared (Against the Wall), featuring works by Edel Bordón, Guillermo Estrada Viera, Yasser Garcia Rittoles, and Rudy Rubio. Central to all of these artists' works are themes of struggle. In various ways, each artist touches on aspects of strife including racism, poverty, emigration and the overall hegemonic powers at play.
The work of Edel Bordón is known to transcend era and style. Bordon continues to probe the existential questions centered on themes of emigration and separation in his meticulously executed oil paintings and detailed drawings using a sewing needle.
Yasser Garcia Rittoles has an incredible ability to render emotion and illustrate internalized struggle in his self-portrait series. His figures are full of motion as they fight to emerge from the background amidst a haze of muted color and line. He plays expertly with light and shadow, shrouding his figure in darkness while simultaneously illuminating portions in bright light. At the center of his portraits are a red mouth, red slashes across the face, highlighting the battle fought against racist ideas often imposed upon people of color.
Guillermo Estrada Viera addresses issues of austerity and economic strife in his new mixed media works, while Rudy Rubio’s work has a political twist. Rubio uses more public symbols to construct his narrative on international politics. The poster-like graphics of his paintings are no mistake. Rubio straddles both humor and criticism in his paintings.