Karlos Perez

July 19 - August 1, 2019

MEET THE ARTIST: July 19, 6-9pm

Karlos Pérez is one of Cuba's most revered young artists. At age 29, Pérez’s paintings are in notable private collections and museums all over the world, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Bronx Museum of Art.
Galería Cubana is pleased to present the artist's latest work in the exhibition Reminiscence. This year Pérez introduces works in a fascinating new medium of oil on amber resin. 
Inspired by photographs of times past, his paintings form vignettes that tell intimate stories of family and unknown strangers. With a background in photography, video, and installation, Pérez’s paintings have blurred the order of the traditional discourse of art. His works are not “portraits” in the traditional sense, but rather the power of the images comes from their existential character. 
The artist scratches at the canvas, blots on paint, obstructs and interferes with the visual, reshaping the events that had previously been captured on film. The results are enigmatic paintings that seem to have traveled through time to captivate us in the present.
This will be Pérez’s fourth year exhibiting at Galeria Cubana and his third time visiting Provincetown. You will get a chance to meet the artist during our opening reception on July 19, 6-9pm.