Las Mjueres (The Women)

Isolina Limonta, Yunayka Martin Martinez and Yamile Pardo

June 14 - July 3, 2013

Las Mujeres (The Women)

Provincetown Exhibition: June 14- July 3, 2013

Boston Exhibition: September 6- 29, 2013

This is an opportunity to experience new work by three innovative female Cuban artists whose works are rarely seen in the U.S. Isolina Limonta’s collograph prints have been applauded for their stunningly rich color and texture in addition to underlying deeper social observations. Reflecting a strong influence from the traditional Afro-Cuban religion Santeria, Isolina’s figures are filled with intimate elements of their lives – plants, coins, feathers, architecture, lace or buttons (to name a few) are imprinted on their bodies. Yunayka Martin Martinez is a mixed media artist addressing the crisis of emigration and issues of diaspora – broken families, faraway friends and lost loves. Her abstract landscapes are populated with figures suspended in time and space. She is a graduate of the San Alejandro academy and the Center for Experimental Visual Arts and a member of the National Council of Fine Arts and Association Hermanos Saiz. Yamile Pardo is a painter and sculptor who challenges the viewer to discern between two and three dimensions. She explores form, material and the original function of found objects. Many of her works focus on the role that women in Cuba play in the domestic sphere. As Pardo states about her work, “It is a game that becomes a gift of the female creative experience.”