De las Calles (Of the Streets)

Reinaldo Campillo & Aneet R. Fontes

August 2 - September 1, 2013

De las Calles (Of the Streets)

Provincetown Exhibition: September 6- 30, 2013

Boston Exhibition: August 2- September 1, 2013


With a voyeuristic point of view, Fontes exposes intimate moments in public spaces in her new home of Miami. Through unusual angles and refracted light, she creates a hauntingly beautiful world of reflections and shadows as captured by her mind’s eye. Campillo, still living and working in Havana, uses repetition of geometric shapes to convey his perspective of the distilled imagery of the decaying, yet beautiful urban landscape of Havana. Slabs of gold, black, and brown levitate from the canvas, conversant with one another. The sun-drench paintings speak of sobriety, nostalgia, and enigma.