The Persistence of Time

Aneet R. Fontes

March 27 - April 30, 2015

Artist Art Talk and Demonstration - Sunday, March 29

Aneet R. Fontes Solo Exhibit

Boston Exhibtion: March 27- April 30, 2015

A return trip to Fontes' home city of Havana reignited a fire within to capture new angles of the streets and the energy of the city, a place with so much visual movement and yet so little progression.

Fontes' paintings transform the gallery into a contemporary scene with bustling passersby among Havana's Spanish colonial architecture. Her medium- to large-scale works effortlessly pull you into the city. But "The Persistence of Time" is not just a reference to a country or city locked in time, but that of the heart of an artist also held captive by it.
In her own words:
"I can feel the impact of physical presence and nature itself thru the cracks of the streets of Havana, almost as if the inevitable hand of the time was giving us some answers about our own lifetime amid so many questions. 

Among ancient marble columns and arches, which appear to be bathed in a sea of visual illusion created in the puddles on the streets, the city moves about a complex track... And this city is witnessing a vibrant generation that exists in a parallel world, where people try to blindly guide their compasses toward the hope of finding a better way." - Aneet R Fontes.