Perpetual Movement

Luis Rodriguez (NOA)

May 1 - May 31, 2015

Opening: Friday, May 1 - 6-9pm
Artist Demonstration: Sunday, May 3 - 2pm

Luis Rodriguez NOA - Perpetual Movement

Provincetown Exhibition: May 1- 31, 2015

Outside the windows of NOA’s studio are the sounds of the densely populated Old Havana neighborhood. People, cars and bikes all blend into one constant buzz. Stepping onto the balcony and thru it’s almost ancient balusters NOA can see from one end of the bustling street to the malacon, pressed against the sea. Here is where NOA finds his inspiration.

His paintings depict the lives of nosy neighbors and curious strangers amid the chaos of everyday life. From running children, to over-packed cars, to not so private dinners on rooftops, NOA manages to catch the charm of this these otherwise frenetic scenes.

Using irony and humor, NOA probes existential questions through his creation of comic characters and symbols, punctuated by the occasional written word.