Las Vidas de Cuba (The Lives of Cuba)

Juan Carlos Vazquez Lima

June 5 - June 28, 2015

Opening: Friday, June 5 - 6-9pm

Juan Carlos Vazquez Lima - Las Vidas de Cuba (The

Boston Exhibition: June 5- 28, 2015
Juan Carlos Vazquez Lima's whimsical works are inspired by the comical relations between neighbors and the hurdles of daily life in Havana.  As a self taught artist, his drawings bring to life spindly limbed characters, their dogs, other hybrid animals, and a montage of wheels.  These characters are often mechanically jointed- sometimes stacked, at times intertwined-but always representative of a life as journey and adventure in a place where invention is a necessity.

Vazquez Lima's new exhibition "Las Vidas de Cuba (The Lives of Cuba)" features 16 new drawings and 4 paintings on canvas depicting the inventive lives of Cubans and their often lighthearted nature.  The spirit of originality and inventiveness is not only the subject of his work but also found in his own personal whimsical style, operating outside of the rules of tradition.

Essential in his recent works is playful commentary on Cuba's broken transportation system. "Oh my car!" conveys the delicate balancing act of getting around an island where buses are overcrowded, trains are dismantled and buying a car- new or old- is nearly impossible.