El Lado Dulce (The Sweet Side)

Sandra Dooley and Eduardo Guerra

May 22 - June 11, 2015

The Sweet Side (El Lado Dulce) - Provincetown

Provincetown Exhibition: May 22- June 11, 2015

Boston Exhibition: August 7- 30, 2015

Life is but a dream. Or at least it is in the art of Sandra Dooley and Eduardo Guerra who both create images of idealic lives lived in day dreams and fantasy. In thier worlds angels, pixies, people and animals all interact on the same colorful plane.

Both artists paint and illustrate a life lived in daydreams and fantasy. From fantastic scenes where angels, mermaids, animals and mankind all intermingle to the simplest pleasure of savoring a quite moment alone with small cup of coffee, Dooley and Guerra escape daily life and take the viewer along on magical journey.

New this year, Dooley is also producing limited edition collograph prints, which is Guerra’s preferred medium, expanding her offerings to include works on paper, framed and unframed in addition to her beautiful works on canvas, with her signature interwoven patches of fabrics or heavily carved illustrated lines in the painted surface.