El Peso y L'Espera (The Weight and the Wait)

Edel Bordon, Yunayka Martín Martínez, Guillermo Estrada Viera, and Vladimir Rodríguez

June 12 - July 2, 2015

El Peso y L_Espera (The Weight and the Wait)

Provincetown Exhibition: June 12- July 2, 2015

Boston Exhibition: September 4 -30, 2015

 "The Weight and The Wait (El Peso y L'espera)" combines the work of four respected artists reflecting upon past hardships and the promise of changing times in Cuba.  

The exhibition is an illustrated conversation about the longing and uncertainty Cubans have suffered over the past several decades, and the hope now brought by re-engagement with the U.S. since the announcement of December 17, 2014.

 The heavy-handed as well as the light-hearted thoughts that occupy the country's collective mind are expressed in a variety of fascinating media, from needle drawings to woodcut prints on ration cards.   

Included in the exhibition is the accomplished artist and teacher Edel Bordon, and his one time student- and now peer- Yunayka Martin Martinez. Complementing their styles are Guillermo Estrada Viera working on ration cards, and the latest addition to Galeria Cubana, Vladimir Rodriguez.