¡Todo Se Mueve! (Everything Moves!)

Luis Rodríguez (NOA) and Juan Carlos Vazquez Lima

July 3 - July 16, 2015

Todo Se Mueve (Everything Moves)

Provincetown Exhibition: July 3- 16, 2015

Living and working in Central Havana, both NOA and Vazquez Lima are inspired by the antics of everyday life in Cuba and intertwined relations between neighbors.  

As a self taught artist, Vazquez Lima's drawings bring to life spindly limbed characters, their dogs, other hybrid animals, and a montage of wheels.  These characters are often mechanically jointed-- sometimes stacked, at times intertwined--but always representative of a life as journey and adventure in a place where invention is a necessity.  The spirit of originality and inventiveness is not only the subject of his work but also found in his own personal whimsical style, operating outside of the rules of tradition.

NOA's new works depict the lives of nosy neighbors and curious strangers amid the chaos of everyday life in his own comic style. From running children, to over-packed cars and rooftop dinners, NOA manages to capture the charm of these otherwise frenetic scenes. Using irony and humor, NOA probes existential questions through his creation of comic characters and symbols, punctuated by the occasional written word.
NOA has won several awards for his paintings and posters and has written his own graphic novel and a children's books.  His designs have also been featured on apparel in Cuba.