Entre la Presencia del Pasado (In The Presence of the Past)

Aneet R. Fontes, Dairan Fernandez de la Fuente and Aissa Santiso

July 17 - August 6, 2015

De la persistencia del tiempo (The persistence of time)

Provincetown Exhibition: July 17- August 6, 2015

In The Presence of the Past is a collective showing of three artists-Aneet R. Fontes, Dairan Fernandez de le Fuente, and Aissa Santiso-whose work is keenly informed by the past.
Memories of street scenes in Havana take shape within the dynamic paintings of Aneet R. Fontes, in reflections both literal and figurative.
 Born into a family of factory workers, Dairan Fernandez de la Fuente's rich woodcut prints and paintings focus on industrial life and the struggles of the working class. His style is reminiscent of Diego Rivera's murals as well as other poster art of that period.    
Aissa Santiso's fragmented and collage-like paintings are influenced by her own personal and historical photos. Her work explores how the perception of the past is just a product of the manipulation and reconstruction of the images engraved on both our personal and collective memory.