Amor a Primer Vista (Love at First Sight)

Orestes Gaulhiac

August 8 - August 28, 2014

Whimsical_ Mystical_ Lyrical

Provincetown Exhibition: August 8-28, 2014

As the title of one of his new paintings suggests, Orestes Gaulhiac's works do indeed make you feel "love at first sight".  His colors vary from bright primary hues to more muted earthy pallets that leap off the canvas and pull us into his mythical worlds.

An acclaimed painter he is recognized for his diversity in style and technique. In this collection Orestes Gaulhiac embodies his belief in the connection of all living things and nature. The visuals are always thought provoking and lighthearted at the same.

Influenced by his modest roots growing up in the surrounding countryside of Santiago de Cuba,  Orestes Gaulhiac's works reflect an appreciation for the simple,  natural elements of life as well as various "states of spirit" he believes we all experience.

Gaulhiac delves into the complexities of modern-day life by bestowing human qualities on fish, birds and animals.  Folklore comes alive in recognizable, yet redefined renderings of rural scenes populated with animals, plants, fruit, dolls and circus acts. His playful universe celebrates the grandeur of animals and nature altogether.        
 His depictions of kings, queens, counts and countesses, dukes and duchesses, deities, virgins, mythological heroes, and clowns serve to challenge class divisions and roles of power.