Havana Jungle

Luis Rodríguez NOA & Juan Carlos Vázquez Lima

July 18 - August 6, 2014

Havana Jungle

Provincetown Exhibition: July 18- August 6, 2014

Boston Exhibition: May 2- June 29, 2014

Luis Rodriguez NOA's works featured in Havana Jungle explore the unexpected and the everyday encountered in Havana-- from the bizarre to the beautiful.  His playful paintings and watercolors portray the humor, passion, and absurdity found on the bustling streets of the island city.  Through his masterful use of acrylic, ink, and watercolor, his comic characters emerge out of fragmented worlds.

Luis Rodriguez NOA has written his own graphic novel and has illustrated several children's books.  His characters and illustrations have won numerous awards and can be found on apparel in Cuba.

Born in Havana, Cuba on June 30, 1986, Juan Carlos Vazquez Lima's drawings stand out for his clever depictions of predominantly male characters and animals, mechanically jointed with spindly arms and legs.  Vazquez Lima says he is inspired by the antics of his neighborhood in Central Havana.