Collective Works on Paper

Dairan Fernandez, Isolina Limonta & Yunayka Martín Martinez

August 29 - September 12, 2014

Collective Works on Paper

Provincetown Exhibition: August 29- September 12, 2014

Boston Exhibition: August 1- 24, 2014

Printmaker and draftsman, Dairan Fernandez was born into a family of factory workers.  His rich woodcut prints focus on industrial life and the struggles of the working class. Often incorporated in his works are factories, trucks, cars and everyday workers.  His style is reminiscent of Diego Rivera's murals as well as other poster art of that period.  
Ferns, leaves, flowers, dragonflies and more are woven into a delicate lace that envelops Limonta's figures and at the same time one's mind. Limonta's sense of spirituality and connection to nature resonate in her works. Both sources she believes, connect each of us to one another.
Yunayka Martin's works take us on a journey of both new hopes abroad and broken hearts of those left behind. The outlined figures are anyone and everyone who has set adrift dark starry skies and seas.   

For Yunayka the sea is a constant.  The crisscrossed lines, dots and circles suggest an aboriginal art influence with jewel tones, especially blues, popping out against rich backgrounds.