Profesor y Estudiante (Teacher & Student)

Edel Bordón & Aissa Santiso

May 27 - June 9, 2016

Profesor y Estudiante (Teacher _ Student)


BOSTON: MARCH 4 - MARCH 26, 2016

A recent graduate of the prestigious Institute of Superior Art in Havana, Santiso is increasingly recognized for her superior talents at age 24.  Santisso's current work explores how the perception of the past is often a manipulation or reconstruction of the images engraved on both our personal and collective memories.

Artist Talk with Aissa Santiso: Sunday, May 29, 1pm

Born in 1992, Santiso has been a student of Edel Bordón in more recent years. In Galeria Cubana's first Profesor & Estudiante (Teacher & Student) exhibition, one can see the ways in which Bordon has influenced Santiso in technique as well as in theme. Under his tutelage, experimental painting using various mediums and techniques was encouraged, as was her feminist perspective.

The work of Edel Bordón is known to transcend era and style. Many may not realize that Bordón has not only participated in over thirty personal exhibitions and scores of collective exhibitions around the world, but has continued to teach throughout nearly 4 decades. He currently serves as the Director of the painting department at Cuba's most historic art school, San Alejandro Academy. Bordón has provided pivotal guidance and endless inspiration to students who have become some of Cuba's most important artists.

At times existential, Bordón's work over the past several years has often reflected the frustrations of daily life in Cuba.  In this exhibition we see a shift.  Several of his new paintings still address impending challenges, but there is more use of vibrant color and themes of fashion and fun. His work is perhaps a reflection of the hope held by Cubans in this moment of change.

Both Bordón and Santiso are members of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC).