August 15, 2011
Dig Boston is Daydreaming in Cuba

Galería Cubana’s newest exhibition, Daydreaming in Cuba, features artwork by Cuban artists Sandra Dooley and Eduardo Guerra. Beautiful women, big-eyed and dreamy, inhabit Guerra’s hand-embellished collagraphs and faint whispers of newspaper print can be seen through certain pieces, a testament to the fact Guerra deals primarily with base materials that are recycled or handmade. Dooley’s work—bright oil paintings splashed with scenes from her life in Santa Fe, Cuba—celebrates the simple things, from the comforts of a good friend to the joys of living by the sea. “I’ve always found inspiration in the ordinary things of ordinary lives,” she says. “But really, those are the important things, the things that matter.” Besides a new appreciation for the amazing artistic talent that Cuba harbors, Wojcik wants you to leave Galeria Cubana after viewing this exhibition uplifted by the happiness that flows out of the artwork. “There is a sense of peace and serenity in this particular show,” Wojcik explains. “Looking at each piece can leave you with a sense of lightness.”

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  • August 15, 2011


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