April 1, 2014
Boston Globe Reviews Aneet R. Fontes' Exhibition

"Havana daydreaming" by Cate McQuaid "From dreamy images, reality is revealed: Havana Day Dreaming; Cuban artist Aneet R. Fontes decamped from Havana two years ago to live in Miami, but her street scenes at Galeria Cubana are a love letter to Havana. The acrylic paintings expertly combine aesthetics of photography and watercolor; they have a gritty realism, but they shimmer and reflect.

She breaks many right down the center with the edge of a door or building, with a scene on one side and its reflection on the other, suggesting two worlds: one concrete, the other an illusion.

In “All Terrain,” she sets us at pavement level, looking up at a man on a bike. A woman’s feet pass on one side. Yet we’re high on the canvas. A puddle with the man’s reflection fills most of the painting. The white sky above turns murky below. With works like these, Fontes weighs reality against the light and shadows it casts onto the world around it, and in our minds."

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  • April 1, 2014


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