March 3, 2015
Peter Kornbluh presentation and book signing at Galeria Cubana

JOIN US for a presentation and book signing by Peter Kornbluh, the author of Back Channel to Cuba: The Hidden History of Negotiations between Washington and Havana.

Author of several books, Mr. Kornbluh serves as Director of the National Security Archive's Cuba Documentation Project and the Chile Documentation Project.

Through extensive research, Kornbluh (and William Leogrande) have uncovered hundreds of formerly secret U.S. documents and conducted interviews with dozens of negotiators, intermediaries, and policy makers, including Fidel Castro and Jimmy Carter.

The book describes how serious negotiations have been conducted by every presidential administration since Eisenhower's through secret, back-channel diplomacy. Including ten critical lessons for U.S. negotiators, the book offers a key perspective on the normalization process underway and illuminates a fascinating passage in U.S.-Cuban relations as it happens.

"Challenging the prevailing narrative of U.S.-Cuba relations, this book investigates the history of the secret, and often surprising, dialogue between Washington and Havana. The authors, who spent more than a decade examining classified files, provide a comprehensive account of negotiations beginning in 1959. . . . suggesting that the past holds lessons for future negotiators." -- The New Yorker


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