Aneet R. Fontes

Aneet  R. Fontes

Born November 10, 1983 

Fascinated with architecture, Fontes uses the lens of her memory in capturing the doorways, windows, lights and pathways of the bustling city streets.

Until recently, this fascination was channeled through the observation of the colonial architecture of Havana, with its hints of modernity, as captured through her study of reflections. Since her departure from Cuba in 2011, Boston and New York have filled a void in the mind of the artist. These cities emerge as utopian places for which we all long. The idea of a world beyond our own, a new city in which to pour expectations and desires, becomes sublime.

Through sporadic personal encounters in what is still a foreign city, Fontes explores and confronts similar images to those of her Havana—forming a single idyllic journey that resonates throughout her work.

This idealism is merely a starting point—as she conceives the urban spaces and landscapes in her work, they are also influenced by her state of mind. From the impact of memories to the passion for a subject, she is guided by thoughts and fragments of everyday life. In this way, she communicates on multiple levels with people from all walks of life, creating a discussion about one’s sense of community and belonging.

Trained in both painting and printmaking, she is a graduate of the San Alejandro School of Art in Havana, Cuba.  

She was the recipient of the highest award in the 2007 National Conference of Engraving.