Dairan Fernandez de la Fuente

Dairan Fernandez de la Fuente Family history has long been an inspiration to painter and printmaker Dairan Fernandez. His rich woodcut prints are nostalgic reflections of the industrial life shared by his parents and extended family. Central to his works are factories, trucks, cars and planes. Movement is essential, for his is a family of immigrants from Spain who now have mostly left Cuba for other parts of the world.

Born: June 12, 1968

1994  Bachelors in fine Arts, National Academy of Fine Arts, San Alejandro, Cuba

Personal Exhibitions:
2009  “Decisiones (Decisions),” Galeria Leal, Miami, Florida, U.S
2007  “Ilusiones Encontradas (Found hope),” La Mina Gallery, Centro Historico, Havana, Cuba
2006  “Ciudad en movimento (Moving City),” Coppa Oliver Arte, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2005  “Jaracandosa y en su punto (Humor at its best),” Origenes Gallery, Havana, Cuba
2003  “Galeano 58,” Gallery of the City Historian’s Office, Havana, Cuba
2003  “La Ilusion (The Illusion),”  Gallery 513, Vancouver, Canada
1998  “Decisiones (Decisions),” Gallery K-Eins, Frankfurt, Germany
1998  “Decisiones # 2 (Decisions # 2),” Gallery Hertwig, Stubenrauchstrasse 10, Berlin,  
1997  “Mujer, si puedes tu con Dios hablar... (Woman, if you could talk to God...),”
           Luis Bay-  Sevilla Gallery, Gallery of the City Historian’s Office, Havana, Cuba

Group Exhibitions:

2015, “En el presence del pasado (In the presence of the past),” Galería Cubana, Boston & Provincetown, MA, USA

2014  Works on paper,Galería Cubana, Boston & Provincetown, MA, USA

2013 “Los Jovenes (The young ones),” Galería Cubana, Boston & Provincetown, MA, USA
2008  Illustration Show,  Graphic design, Center for the development of the Arts,
          Old Havana, Cuba
2007  Contemporary Art show,  Entrepreneurs Club, Bosques de las Loma. Mexico D.F.,     Mexico
2004  “Del Paisaje sus Artistas (The artists’ landscape),” Imago Gallery, GTH, Cuba
2003  “Formato pequeno (Of small format),” Fine Arts Biennial, Fayad Jamis Gallery,
            University of Havana, Cuba
2002  “Novisimos Illustrators (Newest illustrators),” Center for the Development of     Visual Arts Gallery, Plaza Vieja, Cuba
1999  “Paraiso Para Todos (Paradise for all),” Galeria Imago GT, Cuba
1999  “Piezas de un Jardin (Piece of a garden),” Hotel Plaza Havana Vieja, Cuba
1999  “Kuba der90 er jahre,” University of Munster, Westfalia, Germany
1998   Expos Beegegnungszentrum international, Dresden, Germany
1994  “Jovenes Cubanos (Young Cubans),” Universo Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida, U.S
1993  “Papelera Habana 1918,” 30 meter Mural for the company Papelera Cubana, Cuba

Other Work:
2001  Logo design for travel agency “Sol y Son S.A”
2001  CD Artwork for “Traje Nuevo,” Music Company BIS MUSIC
1995  CD Artwork for “Musica Cubana,” Compilation of Cuban music, Music Company ARTEX