Edel Bordón

Edel  Bordón

Born February 27, 1953

The work of Edel Bordón is known to transcend era and style. Many may not realize that Bordón has not only participated in over thirty personal exhibitions and scores of collective exhibitions around the world, but has continued to teach throughout nearly four decades.

He began teaching in 1976 at the Provincial School of Art in Santa Clara, Cuba.  He went on to teach at the Provincial School of Fine Art in Havana between 1979- 1987. He currently serves as the Director of the painting department at Cuba's most historic art school, San Alejandro Academy. Bordón has provided pivotal guidance and endless inspiration to students who have become some of Cuba's most important artists.

Experimental in technique, Bordón's work evokes an exercise of visual intelligence. He posits a reflective mood and discreet humor. His work intimates the complexity of the modern Cuban worldview with its disparate influences of the Caribbean soul, Western culture and Christianity, the Oriental imprint, as well as Spanish and African ancestry.  Eroticism, seduction, and existential frustrations are often expressed.

Bordón is a member of the National League of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC).