All in a Day

Luis Rodriguez (NOA) & Juan Carlos Vazquez Lima

July 20 - August 8, 2012

All in a day_ Luis Rodriguez (NOA) _ Juan Carlos V
Luis Rodriguez (NOA), "Populated tree," 2012


Provincetown Exhibition: July 20- August 8, 2012
Boston Exhibition: September 7- October 14, 2012


All in a Day
portrays the unexpected encounters of everyday life in bustling Havana. Luis Rodriguez (NOA) lures us into his world by expressing what he sees and hears within a language all his own. His ebullient watercolors and oil paintings convey the sense of community and vibrancy of Havana. Juan Carlos Vasquez Lima takes us on a joyful romp in his neighborhood through stylized ink and watercolor drawings. His use of bold colors accentuates the eccentricities of his quirky characters.